Gmail Automatic Forwarder

Leveraging Google Apps Script for automations

📖 Intro

There’s nothing worse than having to manage multiple email addresses. Often times, you need to jump from app to app with different UIs. Simply put, it’s annoying and unproductive.

During the end of 2020, as I was starting college I had 5 Gmails, 1 Yahoo! and 2 custom Zoho domains. There’s always the option of using an universal email client, but I’m a simple man which likes to use only one address. This madness had to come to and end!

My utopian vision was to forward all my incoming emails to my yahoo account (💀 future subject to change) where I could filter, delete and archive all the junk. There’s no better way to describe how I feel about emails nowadays. 😕

This workflow can create some confusion when replying, since the address I would reply from could be different, but it was not an issue for me.

💫 Google Apps Script to the rescue

function markArchivedAsRead() {
  var threads ="label:unread -label:inbox", 0, 100)

👏 Special Thanks

When I first started researching the problem of Gmail automatic forwarding I remember coming across a decade old blogpost that implemented a very similar script, if not, the same thing as me. As I can no longer find the reference at this moment of time, I’m giving a shoutout to all the people that have started developing in the wild and embracing open source. 😉