Joyful selection of my work

emojis.shGenerate your favorite Slack emojis with just one click.
instantQA as a service for startups, enterprises and agencies of tomorrow
chirpEmbed your favorite tweets in Figma or FigJam
Manual PagesDynamically generated docs for 450+ CLIs
tailwindcss-snippetsCollection of animation snippets made for TailwindCSS
microphone-wtfExperimental microphone audio visualizer
makeschool.failConservatory of Make School before it shutdown
scriptcommandsUnofficial Marketplace for Raycast Script Commands
teamo-designDesign Assets of my first startup
90s-portfolioPortfolio inspired by Raspberry Pi's CLI
SimonDraws!Swift Student Challenge recipient of WWDC2020
StonkScorerFTC Scorer - Skystone (iOS)
og-personal-websiteMy first proper personal website
EnvisionHabit Tracker (iOS)
MemojiScholarship recipient of WWDC2018
national-dayThe first website I've ever created!